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Q: What experience do I need in order to attend?

This program is non competitive, meaning that the amount of experience you have with yoga is not a consideration upon enrolment. People often ask me, how many years of experience is necessary before initiating training, or what poses they need to be able to do. Being ready for training is not about what poses you can or can not do. Remember that the poses themselves are only 1/8 of what yoga is about. Being ready for training is about being ready to invest time in yourself, in your journey, in your transformation.

Q: What can I expect to learn? What skills and knowledge will I come away with?

This 200 Hour training is intended to help you to deepen your practice, beyond that which can be acquired in public classes and workshops. Many people come to the training without the intention of actually teaching yoga, but are hoping to explore and deepen their practice. We focus heavily on the importance of structural integrity in yoga asana, in developing a safe, strong, and sustainable yoga practice. We will learn the anatomy of yoga asana, and how it applies to Western bodies. We also explore the many other components of yoga, including philosophy, teaching methodology, ayurveda, ethics, lifestyle, and more. Students will come away from this training with the skill sets necessary to be successful in teaching yoga and sharing this passion and journey with others. Upon successful completion, students will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers, enabling them to teach yoga around the world. Moreso, students will find a deeper awareness in their own lives, we become conscious of our actions, and always strive to grow, learn, and do better. We discover how to embody integrity, the congruence between the people we think we are, the people we really want to be, and the people we express to the world.

Q: What is different about this teacher training?

I was meticulous in the preparation and planning through the development of this school, so the information provided is in-depth, but taught in a way that is easy to understand and apply. What makes my teaching style unique is my ability to critically analyze, and my constant search of knowledge. I have had the privilege of being able to study under many phenomenal teachers, and have complimented this knowledge through formal post-secondary training, acquiring an advanced level of knowledge in my field, all of which I will share with you. These trainings have enabled me to acquire specializations in many styles of yoga, which we will explore in our training. Through a critical approach to ancient texts, we will extract meaning that is relevant and applicable to MODERN society. I have a sound level of training in the anatomical body, which allows me to teach from a place of mindful intelligence. I recognize that everybody is different, and therefore, the way that we practice asana must be different, which we will focus on heavily. I have a strong emphasis on the "yamas and niyamas", which is essentially the way that we choose to act in life, towards ourselves and our community, so that we can learn to apply the yogic principles to our lives. To find the "yogic lifestyle". I operate from a place of compassion and understanding, which I have found resonates with students as a safe place from which to grow, and express their most authentic selves. I look forward to meeting you, and walking with you, as you embark on this incredible journey.

Q:  How do I Prepare for Training

As training is an intensive process, the following tips might be quite helpful in finding balance in your life during this time of transition and deep study. 
1. This training has a required reading component, including a textbook and additional readings, as well as suggested readings.  This list is distributed to all participants prior to training start date.  If you have the time and space in your schedule to do some of the readings ahead of time, it is a great way to start to familiarize yourself with the information, and allows for a little more freedom of time during the course.  
2.  Balance in our lives can be easily lost when we are not prepared. I highly encourage getting organized ahead of time.  I found a day-planner works best for me, but if you have another method that is great too.  I suggest planning your days around the training, so that you are certain you will have enough time for the other components of your life (work, spouse, children, prior commitments, etc.).  I went through the training as a single mom of two young children, and can understand how hectic life can be when you are trying to pass your day-to-day responsibilities on to another person. Make time now to visit with family, and get any of the extras done ahead of time if possible (routine car servicing, dentist/optometrist appointments, etc).
3. I found preparing meals in advance and freezing them (so that after a long day of training you are not rushing home to make dinner for the next hour) quite helpful

Q: What was your inspiration in creating this teacher training?

From the day I walked into my first yoga class, I was hooked. I immediately fell in love with this practice. When I started yoga, I was hoping to find a physical transformation, I was a recent mother, and seriously lacking self confidence, self esteem, self awareness, at a complete loss for understanding who I was, or what my purpose was in this world. I'd heard of the physical benefits of practicing yoga, and decided to give it a try. I soon started to realize that although my physical body was changing, a much deeper transformation had begun. The physical practice had become a gateway to finding a deeper understanding and awareness of my own patterns, and life. I noticed that it was affecting my life off of my mat, I was less impatient with my children after a yoga class, and didn't know what the connection was. I was able to witness when I was acting out my emotions, and then able to stop it, before I said something I couldn't take back, or acted in ways I would later regret - but this was just my immediate awareness. So I decided to take my teacher training to understand how this practice was affecting my life, and how to find more of that positive change. It had a profound impact on, not only my life, but the lives of everyone around me as a result. Since completing my training, I have spent every day of my life trying to grow and share my love of yoga with others, in the hopes that they too will be able to explore this journey and transformation towards the yogic lifestyle.
Each day, I go home and ask myself, what, if anything, I said that might have made a difference for someone today. And everyday, I try to improve upon it. I know that I have been granted three minutes of your time, and hope that in that time I will say something powerful, something impactful, something that might affect change in your life, as it did in mine. And I've witnessed the impact of these talks, first hand. It really works. I decided that it was time for me to start conducting 200 hour trainings. If I can make a difference in someone's life in a 3 minute savasana talk, imagine the difference I can make in 200 hours. My intention is to help guide students to exploring the deeper realms of their own existence. To finding that transformation in their lives, on and off the mat.



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